UBC 1985: Occupancy designantions


Anybody familiar enough with the 1985 UBC to be able to help me out with descriptions for the following occupancy designantions? (I believe they changed in 1989 to the ones we use today)


A quick summary would be greatlyappreciated. Better still, any ideas as to an online source ? Google is fruitless thus far...

May 17, 05 3:21 pm


I take it you are working on a TI? If you’re reviewing an old set of plans, you should disregard the prior occupancy classifications and determine the new and existing occupancies by governing code standards and design accordingly. Most models codes have changed significantly since the 80’s.

Or is this research for an architectural trivia pursuit?

May 17, 05 4:02 pm  · 

Owner remodel actually. The issue here is whether or not we (or rather, the client) are changing the use of the building. I think (note think, not sure, hence the question) that either G-1 or B-2 under the old code designates retail, and M-1 designates garage. If that is the case, then it would seem that we may remodel part of the space as retail (now M) without invoking a change of use, and the baggage that that would entail. There is no record of the existing occupancies other than on the last C of O issued - which are those above. If it turns out that it was not retail in the past, then it is a change of use to call it retail now, and obviously we will have to file, and design, accordingto those parameters.

May 17, 05 4:12 pm  · 

from my design guide to 88 ubc.....

-- g designation does not exist.

--b2; drinking and dining establishments having an occupancy load of less than 50, wholesale and retail stores, office building, printing plants, municipal police and fire stations, factories and workshops using material not highly flam or combust, storage and sales rooms for comb paint stores without bulk handling.
buildings or portions of buildings having rooms used for educational purpose beyond the 12th grade, whith less than 50 persons in any room.

---m1; private garages, carports sheds and agricultural buildings

with something like this, most code people will require you to bring in copies of that code if its an issue so check your library or most code consultants will keep old copies around. i know our lib never throws them out. they may be on a back shelf.

May 17, 05 4:34 pm  · 

Thanks very much TED - very helpful. Unfortunately our old codes were sent away to off-site archiving. I'd hope the City of LA would have copies of the old codes on hand! Any clue where I might find the same info online?

May 17, 05 6:03 pm  · 
vado retro

doesnt everyone use ibc now?

May 17, 05 9:04 pm  · 

Nope. UBC in California. It's lovely.

May 17, 05 9:39 pm  · 

Hello - is there a resource where I can view 1985 UBC without having to buy the book?

Jan 30, 23 10:17 am  · 
Non Sequitur

a library?

Jan 30, 23 10:37 am  · 

Need online reference if possible, thank you!

Jan 30, 23 12:27 pm  · 

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