Gensler CEO switch?


What's going on at Gensler? I noticed they announced new CEOs last Fall. Jordan Goldstein and Julia Simet. But last week they announced a new woman is stepping in as Co-CEO with Jordan. What happened to Julia? Is the firm stable? I am interviewing for a position there now so any insight would be helpful. 

Jun 10, 24 3:37 pm

If you're not interviewing for a leadership position (which is highly unlikely cuz youd not be posting on archinect), id say it really doesnt matter who becomes CEO of Gensler lol

Jun 10, 24 4:47 pm  · 
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Is the firm stable.... hahahahahahahahahahaha. It's fucking geological.

Jun 11, 24 7:30 am  · 
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Le Courvoisier

Big G is going to outlive us all.

Jun 11, 24 10:09 am  · 
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Is Gensler stable? Is the Pope a catholic? 

Jun 11, 24 11:01 am  · 
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That doesn't mean anything. Succession planning happens at every firm.

Jun 11, 24 3:03 pm  · 

As others have said, unless you are applying for co-CEO, events at the top of Gensler are not going to affect you as a new hire in branch office somewhere.

The thing you should legitimately fear is being laid off if a significant business downturn dries up the workload in the studio you are assigned to.  Gensler has no problem doing mass layoffs if they deem it necessary.

Jun 14, 24 4:52 pm  · 
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If one isn't a Gensler employee, whomever happens to be leading that firm matters to Architecture about to the same degree as whomever is leading California Pizza Kitchen matters to the culinary world...

Jun 15, 24 12:24 pm  · 
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The best analogy!

Jun 15, 24 1:06 pm  · 

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