Architecture School for a Toy Designer?



I am a high school student who is hoping to work for a specific company in the field of toy design. Many of the skills required for the job are similar to those taught in architecture schools, and I was wondering if majoring in architecture would be a good way to prepare myself for the field. 

I would prefer architecture over other design degrees because I find the field and design approach extremely exciting, and I can apply the degree to a vast myriad of careers should my first choice fall through. 

Architecture school, though, is famously rigorous and usually takes longer than other degrees, and though I am prepared to undertake that, I would like to hear you all's thoughts. 


Jan 4, 24 1:52 pm

look into industrial design - but you seem determined to go for architecture, so just do it - try it, and if it doesn't work, change it. Also, if the company you want to work for doesn't hire you, you might just start your own toy design firm.

Jan 4, 24 2:00 pm  · 
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Industrial design actually does look quite interesting, and a few of the schools I was looking at anyway offer that as a major. Thank you so much!

Jan 4, 24 7:04 pm  · 
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Why not contact the firm you want to work for and ask them what qualifications they are looking for? Also ask about summer internships. Industrial design would be worth looking into also. 

Jan 4, 24 3:34 pm  · 
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Agree. The OP would do well to contact the target employer and determine what college degree programs they favor when hiring. Whatever kind of programs they indicate, also see if they favor particular schools as well.

Jan 4, 24 5:48 pm  · 

I have attempted to contact them a few times, but it is a rather large corporation, and they aren't really public with their requirements. The best I can find are google search results, where they list majors like 3D Arts, Industrial Design, and Architecture as good starting points.

Jan 4, 24 7:08 pm  · 

I did find an internship, though! It takes place during the fall and spring, and because the company is overseas, I will find a way to work that into an academic year. Thank you!

Jan 4, 24 7:19 pm  · 

Industrial / Product design is what you need to do, if you want to get into toy design. Frankly, an architectural education is not appropriate for toy design - what use is learning about, say, concrete structures when it comes to toy design? 

Industrial design can be a lot of fun, and its a lot more broad based than architecture. Many friends who have studied Industrial/Product design also do UI, UX etc.

Jan 4, 24 7:12 pm  · 

That is a very good point. One of the things that is attractive about the company I'm aiming for is that they are extremely diverse in what they design, and limiting the breadth of what i am trained in to architecture might hurt my chances in that area. Thanks for the adv ice!

Jan 4, 24 7:28 pm  · 

I have both degrees. Don't bother with architecture. I have a friend who used to be a toy designer and she really enjoyed it. 

That's about it really.

Jan 4, 24 8:28 pm  · 

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