Employment perspectives for a foreign architect with a M.Arch. from UDC


Hi, all!

I'm about to apply to an M.Arch. program in the U.S. I'm a Brazilian architect planning to move to the D.C. area. In a preliminary research, I could tell that even though its M.Arch. is NAAB accredited, the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is not well-ranked among U.S. universities. In this context, what would be my prospects for employment with a UDC degree (particularly after becoming a licensed architect in the U.S.)? Would I rather pursue an M.Arch. degree from a "better" (and more expensive) school, or getting licensed with any NAAB accredited degree would suffice for landing good jobs in the future?

I'd appreciate your comments on this matter. Thanks in advance.

Dec 7, 23 11:07 am

The ranking of the school you attended will have no impact on being hired in the US.  Having alumni from your school that knows someone in the firms you're applying to will help though. 

The things that will impact your ability to be hired are:

  1. Your visa status.
  2. How personable you are.  
  3. Your work experience. 
  4. Your portfolio.  
Dec 7, 23 11:18 am  · 
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Thank you very much for your valuable input.

Dec 7, 23 1:59 pm  · 

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