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Hi, I am currently looking to shift my career to more architectural scope such as new construction of core & shell, building envelope, building layout, zoning, permit, site design, etc - so what AOR is likely to be doing.  

I earned an accredited ARCH degree 5 years ago but ever since I was mostly working in a interior design oriented firms. Thus I gained a chunk of experience in interior projects, but my portfolio's scope is  limited as a architectural designer. I have some custom curtainwall details render of exterior options also, but lacking the the building context & ground up procedure since they are from renovation projects.  

Can I present my work in front of the firms doing more ground up buildings? How could I make a selling point to be involved into the new construction projects? I am pursuing architectural licensure but not there yet. 

Any advices will be appreciated.

Dec 2, 23 11:26 pm

You are junior enough that I think a firm would be willing to take you on as a person they can train in new construction.   I assume after 5 years you know your way around architectural software and office procedures, that's a good thing you bring to the table.

Just make sure any new job is based on a genuine commitment from the employer to broaden your skills, and there is a measurable plan to do so.  Watch out for situations where the employer wants you initially placed in interiors assignments with vague promises about eventually moving you over to base buildings.

Dec 7, 23 1:47 pm  · 
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Thanks for your advice Really not my name, I am thinking to put those exterior / envelope / zoning study works in the front page and reduce the interior portions from my portfolio so that inverviewer is under impression that I have a main experience in the base building and ready to answer any questions on that scope. Would that be a good approach? 

Dec 10, 23 6:28 pm  · 

It's reasonable to minimize the interior work in your portfolio if it doesn't represent the direction you want for your career. Just don't give in to any temptation to misrepresent yourself. As I said earlier, a person 5 years in that wants to change their area of focus is going to be a reasonable proposition for most employers.

Dec 11, 23 11:52 am  · 

Ideally what you said is right thing to do, but I was in the same plece with my current employer and not getting chance to do any significant base building work ms because they see my strength is in CD-CA phase. They tends to put more juniors during SD-DD or somebody has already enough experience in early desigh phase. Ugh, I get that workplace is not a school and managers want to utilize resources in what they are good at for their convenience. So trying to be stretagic when I am getting the next job. 

Dec 11, 23 5:48 pm  · 

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