Architecture jobs for woodworker with a degree in Art


Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking into potential jobs in the architecture realm but I am not an architect and was hoping someone might have some advice or guidance.

I have a bachelors degree in art and have been working for the past 10 years as a cabinetmaker, designer, boatbuilder, and have worked residential construction for a year. So while I do not have an architecture degree, I do have a good amount of experience with design and structural building. I know I'm not qualified to be an architect (obviously), so that's not the job I'm looking for, but I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of other jobs within architecture firms that might lend themselves to my skill sets?

Do architecture firms have model shops and if so, are they usually run by a shop manager or something like that? Are there designers on the less technical side of things?

I'm certainly looking into furthering my education, but currently I'm not in a position where I can do that full-time.

Any guidance or wisdom any of you can impart would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much

Sep 28, 23 5:06 pm
Immigrant Developer

Drafting Cabinet drawings or unique Casework stuff. 

Sep 28, 23 6:05 pm  · 
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Wood Guy

Have you looked into cabinet engineering? I started out making furniture and cabinetry and well into my design career, the design/build firm where I worked started a cabinet shop and I was one of three managers. I hired a drafter who had a lot of experience detailing high-end kitchens and built-ins. I thought I knew what I was doing but he showed me a whole new level of detail and a system designed to support the shop floor. Since then I have seen many mistakes on projects that wouldn't have been problems if a skilled cabinet engineer was reviewing the design.

Sep 29, 23 8:57 am  · 
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Thanks that is definitely something I will look into! I have certainly received countless furniture "blueprints" from designers over the years that had clearly been drawn by someone who hadn't ever built anything !

Sep 29, 23 12:40 pm  · 
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where are you located?

Sep 30, 23 1:35 pm  · 

I'm located in Santa Cruz, CA

Oct 2, 23 12:34 pm  · 
atelier nobody

Based on your background I'd hire you and I'm guessing most architects would. Your biggest problem is likely to be the pay cut of starting out in an entry-level job.

Oct 3, 23 5:15 pm  · 
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Immigrant Developer

SAW this thought about you and this post.

Oct 3, 23 7:34 pm  · 
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