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Does anybody here have any insight into Pratt's MS. UD program? How is it viewed in the professional world and the graduate employment rate of the course? Does the department assist international students on f1 for securing a job? Would love to know anyone's opinion at the earliest.

Apr 19, 23 7:29 am

I only got B. Arch from Pratt, so take my opinion until someone else gives more relevant answers.

Pratt's architecture program suffers from modern trends of: academic "architects" wanting to be (psuedo) philosophers, allure of technology (parametric, zaha hadid stuff), and seeing everything through the lens of the latest political hot potatoes.

In terms of professionally, there are a lot of Pratt grads in NYC area at least, from grads from 20 years ago (and now in senior positions) to people who would graduate a few years before you. From my experience, Pratt is known and respected enough, but definitely have the reputation of "oh yeah, they don't teach anything practical there", unlike more focused schools like NYIT. So if you like what you see on their website, I think you do not have to worry about securing a job after graduation.

Apr 20, 23 10:10 am  · 

Okay, thanks a lot!

Apr 21, 23 3:00 pm  · 

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