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I'm developing a spec project in LA with 5 townhouses and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an RTA kitchen supplier with good quality cabs, good service, and reliable supply.  Spec at this scale is not my wheelhouse so I'm not familiar with suppliers for this kind of thing in the area.

Like I said, it's a spec project so budget doesn't allow a custom kitchen.  I looked at Reform and like their stuff but for 5 units too expensive.  There are many Chinese-made cabinet houses around San Gabriel, and I have a place that looks decent enough, but I thought to ask here if anyone has a go-to they would recommend.

The kitchens are decent size, it'll be "euro-style" flat slab in matte white so nothing special.  I would love a place with a good range of color options but for this kind of thing you get what you get.

Mar 27, 23 4:34 pm
Non Sequitur

See here:

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Careful, he may call you an asshole 'cause he's an architect damn it.

Mar 27, 23 5:56 pm  · 

What happened the the earlier posts?

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