Hey guys, I'm working on my resume right now. What do you think about listing my experience from my current base according to the AXP guidelines: EXPERIENCE AREAS & TASKS? 

There has been so much I have done that it is difficult to narrow it down.

Jan 25, 23 8:42 pm

What does this even mean? 

Care to post an example of how you'd be doing that? 

Jan 26, 23 11:57 am  · 


- Gather information about client’s vision, goals, budget, and schedule to validate project scope and program. 

- Gather information about community concerns and issues that may impact proposed project. 

- Prepare diagrams illustrating spatial relationships and functional adjacencies - Determine impact of applicable zoning and development ordinances to determine project constraints 

- Prepare submittals for regulatory approval 

- Select furniture, fixtures, and equipment that meet client’s design requirements and needs 

- Communicate design ideas to the client using hand drawings, renderings, and architectural plans 

- Review shop drawings and submittals during construction for conformance with design intent 

- Respond to Contractor Requests for Information. 

- Complete field reports/construction punchlist to document field observations from construction site visit. 

- Coordinate with consultants, such as geotechnical engineers and civil engineers, to prepare design development submissions 

- Coordinate directly with Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, and Sub-Contractors on remodeling construction project. 

- Select materials, finishes, and systems based on technical properties and aesthetic requirements 

- Prepare design alternatives for client review. 

- Responsibilities include managing Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Construction Administration.

Jan 26, 23 3:08 pm  · 

Are these thing you currently do or the categories of experience in the AXP? If it's the latter how would you provide a 'rating' of how good you are at each?

Jan 26, 23 6:22 pm  · 

Hm... I'm not sure how I'll rate these, I've done all of them 4-6 times or more throughout my 4 years of experience...

Jan 26, 23 6:36 pm  · 


You've managed projects? Or did you assist? 

 You've managed CA or did you assist?

To put it another way - in the things you did where you the one others in your firm came to for how to answer an RFI or design a facade?  

Make sure you're honest about your abilities and experience.

This isn't an insult or me saying you're being dishonest.  It's just that it's rare for someone to have done all of those things in four years, especially managing and leading projects.  

Jan 26, 23 6:45 pm  · 

No problem, I understand. In that case, assist it is.. honestly, I got pretty independent work on all those stages and got my principal architect to back me up if I need help. It is a small l firm.

It is not my intention to be dishonest, but I would like to not downgrade my experience.

All of those stages still left me with a lot to learn, I made tons of dumb mistakes, and it was embarrassing. lol 

I just was not sure what the right word to use

Jan 26, 23 7:00 pm  · 

It is not like my boss tells me something and I do exactly what he says.

Jan 26, 23 7:08 pm  · 

I would say that you assisted some things and lead others. Be very specific what you lead.

Jan 27, 23 10:46 am  · 

Understand sir

Jan 27, 23 1:31 pm  · 

also attached the certificate if you own! as well experience and details

Jan 27, 23 4:09 am  · 
1  · 

Don't spend a ton of space in your resume telling people things they don't care about. At most give a short paragraph explaining what you did at a company. I don't get the impression that you have enough experience that I'd really take you at your word on it anyway. 

Jan 27, 23 12:08 pm  · 

It's what I fear, I got exposed to these and did them with my supervisor's guidance, of course. But mostly on my own. But I'm still learning... Not sure what the right term is without sounding dishonest. My goal isn't to be a project manager or job capt

, just an architectural designer (intermediate).

Jan 27, 23 1:35 pm  · 

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