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Hi there!

For some reasons(ok mainly because of my boss and I don't want to complain), I'm considering finding a new job. And I have no experience at all how should I find another job while still working. I'm on H1B VISA and that makes the whole job changing things more complicated. Is there anybody has or had the similar situation like me? I'm looking for advise.

I'm less worried for finding a new job(I would rather lower my salary to leave) but super worried about how should I handle this in a correct way. One of my coworkers did the same thing last year, and all I knew was they talking to HR sometimes and suddenly they left. I really don't want my current company knows anything about it before I have an offer. I tried to text them but they never response and their partner still works in our company so I don't dare to directly ask their advise. 

A little bit of background info, I only have one year plus several months of work experience. This is my first job and I literary have no idea how should I handle it. And to be honest I'm scared if I don't handle this right I might lost my H1B in US.


Jan 22, 23 2:31 pm

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