The AA school 2023 applicants?



Has anyone heard back from the AA about interviews for 2023 entry? 

I applied for the early deadline in November and still haven’t heard back 


Jan 14, 23 12:32 pm


Same. I applied before the early deadline. Haven't heard back yet 

Jan 18, 23 2:12 am  · 
#save warrior nun

Hi :) I’ve also applied. Gotta be patient. They probably won’t release results until May right? 

Jan 18, 23 8:53 am  · 

What? Really? 

The website says people who apply by the early deadline get called for an interview by Feb end max.

Jan 18, 23 12:20 pm  · 
#save warrior nun

ah i mixed it up, i submitted the late application so it says decisions wont be released till may-june. good luck to you guys!

Jan 19, 23 6:59 am  · 

fellow AA applicant from yesteryear.

You'll receive decision in feb end if it's DRL. Earlier for other's. That's when i got mine when i applied in early deadline application. From last year they have started the waitlist. 

I ain't applying to AA after 2 years of failure (5-6 weeks since you applied). Not worth it as they keep you hanging on waitlist while other applicants who applied after the deadline gets a seat but you're still waitlisted with no decision 

Jan 27, 23 2:44 am  · 

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