1st semester architect student Guatemala laptop recommendations


I want to get a laptop for a 1st semester architect student in Guatemala and need some recommendations on what to get. Like to stay under $ 1,000 if possible. 

Nov 24, 22 4:49 pm

Look at the specs of the software recommended specs. Many applications have minimum requirements and recommended requirement. Look at the software that you would be using from the course curriculum for the classes, look at CPU, double the core count. Look at video card requirements like video memory, double if not quadruple that and find a suitable video card to meet that. Look at system memory requirements of recommended level. Double that, that is what you would ideally want to start at. Look at your expandability, it should allow you to double that starting amount. Ideally, you will want 64 GB memory starting out and upgrade to 128GB to 256 GB. 64GB should be sufficient for starting out at. You would want an nvidia RTX level (20 series, 30 series, and 40 series video cards.) or AMD/ATI Radeon equivalent... (RX 6000 series or 7000 series) Ideally, you want 8GB of graphic memory. Look for quality gaming computer.  Laptops are likely to be providing only up to 128 GB main memory but you might be able to get 256 GB expandability. I recommend an i7 or i9 cpu with 8 or more cpu cores. Middle to High-end Gaming-grade laptops and desktops will typically make for decent computers for the graphic work students will need to do their classwork and homework with. 

Nov 24, 22 5:28 pm  · 

It will be unlikely you can get a brand new gaming-grade laptop at under $1000. You might be able to get away with what was high end gaming laptop back in 2018/2019 spec that might be now just under $1000 using a RTX 20xx or Radeon equivalent mobile GPU.

Nov 24, 22 5:32 pm  · 

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