Entering Interior Design Industry in Canada


I plan to move to Canada soon & I am anxious about how hard it will be for me to find work as an Interior Designer there. 

A quick summary of my educational background: I graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture from India ( a 5year program- completed in minimum time) in 2013 & since, I have worked in India & Saudia Arabia in Interior Design firms. I have worked on various popular restaurants, cafes, residential projects, offices & small scale retail for over 6years. My software skills are AutoCad, photoshop, sketch up, Microsoft office. I don’t really do renders as all my past design firms had a 3D visualization team.

Here is my question- how can I improve my chances of getting hired in Canada? Should I do a course, a master’s degree or a certification? If yes, please suggest which ones are relevant & from where.. thank you!

Sep 17, 22 3:36 pm
Non Sequitur

Check with the int des association in whatever province you're hoping to move to and see what they require.  ARIDO, for example, is for ontario.  NCIDQ will also be a good source but it's not canada-specific.

Besides that, you don't need any additional schooling to get a job in design office.  Just get your visa and legal affairs in order.

Sep 17, 22 4:44 pm  · 

The vast majority of firms will want you to have at least some BIM skills, though if you're a quick learner with an excellent portfolio, that can be overcome. You shouldn't need to do any more design schooling though. You have an education and experience. 

Your biggest hurdle may be the legal paperwork that I'm assuming you'll need. Personally, I'm only going to hire "from elsewhere" (even within Canada) if I've exhausted my local search. As an interior designer, you'll be expected to know local building code and to some extent, common building practices and materials. Good luck.

Sep 17, 22 10:56 pm  · 

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