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I'm a graduate in architecture. I'd like to pursue PhD in arts&architecture in the future. I have many ideas of research and I'm eager to learn and explore. And I am wondering... If anyone maybe would like to be my mentor? Guide me, talk about architecture, art, concepts, science, answer my questions, catch my mistakes... just look at my works and tell me if I didn't go too far : D

My major interests are, in very general view, art&architecture of Renaissance and Modernism. I'm into theory and how it reflects practice. I love effortlessness of works of Alvar Alto, understanding of natural habitat in Frank Lloyd Wright's designs, silence and class in Peter Zumthor's spaces, but also bothered by Ricardo Bofill's variety and many others.

What I can offer, except abstract thinking and sense of humor.. satisfaction of passing experience and knowledge to younger generation of conceptualists, if you will.

Kind Regards,

Sep 7, 22 6:07 pm

Hi Natalia, congrats on graduating! I'd recommend asking your professors/studio instructors for connections, or if you're working/have worked ask architects there. They'll be significantly better advisors then some anonymous internet citizen. Best of luck and cheers

Sep 7, 22 10:12 pm  · 
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Well !

Mar 31, 23 6:18 pm  · 

Love this. I agree with Newbie above - having somebody local would likely benefit you more. Have to reached out to your professional association? They may have a bunch of people on file who could act as mentor. 

Sep 8, 22 12:08 am  · 
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Hello Natalia,

I recommend you contact my mentor, Mr. James Walter Schildroth. He is an organic architect in Maine who was in the Taliesin Fellowship from 1959-61. He was mentored my Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentices, such as Wes Peters, Jack Howe, and Kamal Amin. He offers mentorship online via email. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a good sense of humor. Here is his website:

Best of luck in your architecture career.


Shane Passaro

Sep 10, 22 11:46 am  · 
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Non Sequitur

Does he also perform at kids birthday parties and do balloon animals?

Sep 10, 22 4:43 pm  · 
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Natalia, I love your passion and your ideals of architecture and you seem to have a natural desire for further learning. Best advice I can give you: smarten up. While its ok to be idealistic and abstract about design and general ideas of architecture, that will soon go out the door when you get your first job or when you need to use your degree to pay your bills. Real world and real clients dont care about ideals and theory, but care about budget, timelines, durablity, and frankly, dont care about you at all (rare that a client appreciates a good architect). So with that said, smarten up, gain as much skill as you can in technical proficiency, design, and architecture in general. Use those skills to gain an advantage in the real world such as salary, clients, and performance. Once you can pay your bills and create a living for yourself, use your ideals and theory of architecture to create your own projects and find clients that appreciate that. 

Sep 10, 22 7:17 pm  · 
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Thank you all for pieces of advice! Even those I don’t need.. Hahah! Just joking! Thank you all very much and I appreciate it! If some of you knows anyone from Paris or New York that would be even more of help, but thank you anyway! 

And yes, unfortunately I’m aware that it’s hard profession when it comes to practice. That’s why I decided to pursue more theoretical approach when it comes to architecture, more practical when it comes to art. I can pay my bills, so still have some space for my ideals, that I will never give up. But yes, I’d like to earn more and that’s what I’m gonna do :D Haha 

Have a great day! All the best,

Natalia : )

Mar 31, 23 5:31 am  · 
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I agree with all the encouragements above, Natalia.  Did you have any good connections with any of your faculty?  If so, stay connected or reconnect-- even if they don't end up as your mentor.  Those longer relationships come in very handy when seeking good recommendation letters for your grad school applications.

Mar 31, 23 6:43 pm  · 

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