Architects of Archinect, is there an open architecture knowledge database?


Hey everyone,

I am a young designer, I have been working in the industry for about 6 years.

Since I began working I have been wondering if there's a central repository of architecture content?

Maybe somewhere where I can find plans, details and other types of information about design, construction and buildings?

People and books are great but I was wondering if there is a modern solution to something like this.


Aug 17, 22 6:45 pm

Architects are fiercely protective of their (usually derivative) details. You'll find plenty of repositories from Trade groups, but good luck getting anything for free.

I'd suggest Building Science Corp, they have a lot of good shit:

Aug 17, 22 6:54 pm  · 
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Graphic Standards Online

Aug 18, 22 12:11 pm  · 

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