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This year I finished the RIBA Part II (MArch) Architecture Student program at The University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu". Bucharest and I intend to move to Canada to become an architect. 

I was wondering if anyone could help me with information regarding working and living in Canada as a recent graduate. I also must mention that my diploma will be released within 2 years from my university, but I can obtain a certificate. 

The other "issue" is that from RIBA Validation webpage Canada is not listed but on my teachers' committee there was a teacher from Canada, which means it is currently enrolled. 

Would really appreciate it if someone could help. Thanks.

Aug 17, 22 2:40 pm
Non Sequitur

The CACB will be your main and only source of information if you want to chase licensure in the great frozen maple syrup soaked Canadian tundra.  

Specifically here

Degree reciprocity is reasonably easy for those holding accredited NAAB degrees or approved under the Canberra Accord.  The path for other foreign degrees is less obvious but not impossible pending you meet the requirements set out by the CACB.  The fact that you have a Canadian prof does not mean anything.

As for becoming an architect here, once you've validated your academic credentials via the CACB, you must register as an intern architect in your province of residence.  This kick-starts your intern period where you can start to accumulated your minimum experience hours working under a licensed architect.  It's a little more complicated than that but in general, you will need to work 3 to 5years (for some, it's 10+) before being able to sit and write your exams (ExACs).  There are 4 exams in total which are administered only once per year and you MUST take all 4 (2 per day, over 2 days) on your first try.  Once the exams are passed and you have all your internship hours verified... boom, you get to call yourself an architect in your province. (after paying registration fees, of course).

Aug 17, 22 2:56 pm  · 
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How is a school in Bucharest qualifying as an RIBA Part II program? That doesn't make sense. It may be an M.Arch program, but unless I'm mistaken, that would have nothing to do with the British licensing system.

Otherwise, what NS said. You would apply for recognition through the normal CACB channels. Contact them directly. I would suspect they would not have much past experience dealing with M.Arch degrees from Romania.

Aug 17, 22 3:55 pm  · 
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