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I am Sheik Rishan. A student currently in my 4th year of Architecture. 

I am currently looking for internship opportunities. I have made a portfolio and it would be a great help if I could get feedback and reviews on it. 

You can view my portfolio at:-

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 30, 22 7:12 am

I am inclined to say that your resume seems over-designed, although the layout is easy and every relevant information is easy to find. "About me" is not needed since you will most likely send cover letter/email with your applications. 

In terms of portfolio, only concrete thing I can say is that you need more spotlight images (with or without white spaces). Are there some drawings you are confident to show off that can take the whole spread? or 66% of spread and the rest would be white space (like your title page). Every page is too dense at the moment. I know this may be hard since some firms have very low file size limit.

QR codes are self-explanatory, and do not need subtitles. 

In terms of what I heard from more experienced architects who review applications:

1. make sure every page has your name, imagine they print out your portfolio, but everything is lost but a single page - they should still be able to find you on linkedin even in that case.

2. hero images, like mentioned.

3. including resume is good, same concept as #1, imagine they lost your resume, and only have access  to your portflio file. 

Jun 30, 22 1:00 pm  · 

Well it has been reduced from 50 pages to 35 which is a start. It's still way too long. Why be brief? Imagine you are sifting through a stack of resume/portfolios. You are probably giving yourself a limited amount of time for each one, maybe like 5-10 minutes. That's about 8-16 seconds per page.

Why the welcome page? Waste of a page....and the reader's time.

The resume section: Skip the "about me". It says it below your name already.

Just list the software skills. Don't rate it yourself, your skill will be assessed by the viewer in your portfolio (it's apparant you can use software)

You refer to "Le Solarium"....sounds cool but I couldn't easily find it in the portfolio. Is it even in there? That ought to be like the first thing I see with a big title "LE SOLARIUM". Instead I got a table of contents that I kind of didn't need. Why is the ToC 2 whole pages for only 4 items? Throw that in the space where your "about me" was if you think you need a ToC.

Portfolio content: It might be obvious but maybe tag it with "student/studio work".

For the content, it's all very nice looking content in my opinion, but it looks like a scattered studio final presentation board spread over multiple pages(a clunky format for that purpose). I would give each of those four examples 2 SLAMMIN' pages that summarize the project for the reader. Pick the money shots.

Once it's more readable (ie. brief) I think it's going to look pretty solid.

*caveat: Don't go TOO brief and leave someone hangin', it IS a balance game.

Jun 30, 22 9:54 pm  · 

Greatly cleaner and better laid out than your previous iteration. Agree with Miyadaiku on slightly shortening page count, maybe title page + two spreads per project - you can bring all your pages to job interview itself, this one's just to get their interest. Good luck!

Jul 1, 22 6:42 pm  · 

According to other people's comments, you got a lot of valuable feedback about the layout. Let me discuss the design in more detail.
 1. Visually, your project content page varies too much. I think you should simplify it. Additionally, I am wondering whether you even need it since you only show four projects. 
2. The project's name is quite bland; I suggest you come up with a more creative name. As if naming the project were based on the obvious fact of its building type. (Let's name my project "The Toilet" because I designed a toilet.)
3. I believe that your overall designs are very generic, and you should either change the graphic style or do other types of projects to diversify your portfolio? As if every project is a building with the same graphic style and presentation order. Do you have any built projects? Fabrication? 3D printing? Model making? Comic? Staircases welding? Planting structures? Car design? Furniture? 

In any case, it looks much better than before, but it can always be improved

Jul 1, 22 7:44 pm  · 

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