Sheik Rishan Ahamed

Sheik Rishan Ahamed

Dubai, AE

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I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Architecture degree at Amity University Dubai. I am an individual who is curious about the world around me, hence learning new things is something I enjoy and love. I can proudly say that I maintained a high CGPA within my university while participating in multiple extracurricular activities. One of my goals is to always learn something new no matter my age, hence I would love to work in a company that can teach me more about the world every day.


Le Solarium, Dubai, AE, Co-Founder

Le Solarium is a start-up/project which was co-founded by myself and 3 other members. We deal with an innovative way to treat greywater.

Recognition received by the project
1. Project was displayed at Good Place Pavilion at Expo 2020
2. Participated and won a grant in the University Entrepreneurship Program of
Expo 2020 Dubai.
3. Successfully built a working model of the proposed project.
4. Participated in MBRIF University Entrepreneurship Program and won.
5. Was a finalist in Tie-Mena Dubai.
6. Currently in talks with involved authorities to decide the future of the project.

Sep 2018 - current


Amity University Dubai, Dubai, AE, BArch, B.Arch

I am currently in my 4th year. I have maintained a high CGPA in my curriculum. My CGPA for the previous semester was 9.9.
We have studied multiple courses such as:-
1. Design for different building typologies
2. Building Construction
3. Project Management
4. Estimation and Specification
5. Landscape Architecture
6. Theory of Architecture

Sep 2018 - current


University Entrepreneurship Competition, Award

Won the University Entrepreneurship Competition hosted by MBRIF and DFF.


Eastern Dance - Jashn, 1st Place

Won 1st place in the group eastern dance category at Jashn. Jashn is an inter-college competition hosted by BITS Pilani, Dubai.


Expo 2020 Grant Winner, Grant

Me and 3 other group members and I participated in the University Innovation Program and won a grant from Expo 2020. We were awarded the grant for our innovation involving water filtration. We successfully developed a prototype using the grant money. We exhibited our work in the Good Place Pavilion at Expo 2020 site.


Areas of Specialization