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Hello my name is azmil azvidar im high school student from indonesia and i decided to want to be an architect and i have plan to study abroad at hungary, so that why iam here. so, can you give me some advice or review about my portfolio, please. I am very open and listen to criticism, whatever is on your mind.

iam very glad to you if you telling me the truth :)

My portfolio Link

Dec 4, 21 10:49 am

For a high school student, it's very good. I don't think your photography is as good as the rest and you should leave that out. If you have the time, I might also further develop the sketchup project. It's too simple.

Finally for now, I would suggest not using ALL CAPS in your descriptions. It makes me feel like you're yelling at me. 

Good luck

Dec 4, 21 11:07 am  · 
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thank you very much. you made my day

Dec 4, 21 6:03 pm  · 

I echo Bowling ball. This is a very good portfolio for a high school student. I’m curious as to why you want to study in Hungary though? It’s not a study abroad stop you come across often and they’ve gone very hard toward the far right lately. 

Dec 4, 21 6:34 pm  · 
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first im gonna say thank you very much about you compliment

Dec 4, 21 10:16 pm  · 

about you question, because i want to continue my study, if i dont have scholarship i can't to continue my study. so, hungary provide international student study for free(scholarhisp) including for indonesian. but if you have some advice so what can i do ?

Dec 4, 21 10:22 pm  · 

Oh I was just curious as you don’t hear much about people going to Hungary to study. If you get a scholarship and get your education for free, definitely go for it.

Dec 5, 21 7:54 am  · 
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