3D printer for architecture studio


Hey architects!

Our studio is looking into buying a 3D printer and we would love to hear about your experience / expertise before choosing one.

  1. Materials?
  2. Open or enclosed?
  3. Ideal size for architecture?
  4. Any specific model you tried? What is your experience with it?

Price range between 500-800 EUR (550-900 USD).

Thanks a lot!


Nov 26, 21 12:07 pm

The best option is a 3D printing service.

They print in a variety of materials, have guidelines on model design for printing, and have state of the art equipment.

The services are not inexpensive but eliminate the learning curve, machine maintenance, stinky plastics in the office, failed prints, and so on.

Nov 26, 21 1:36 pm  · 
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Plus at the price range listed above, you might as well just give it to a teen, this is not a serious device, meant for a real practice. Maybe 5-10 years ago, but not now.

Nov 26, 21 2:08 pm  · 
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