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Hello everyone,

I am a Part 1 Architectural Assistant currently on my year out working in the UK. I am currently preparing materials for applications to the Masters of Architecture programs in the following universities:

TU Delft, Harvard GSD & MIT. 

My list goes longer but for the sake of this post, I have limited it to these 3 top choices. I graduated from Cardiff University with First Class Honours which I believe when translated to US GPA is 4.0 (do correct me if I am wrong). 

My portfolio which I used to apply for work can be found here:

This portfolio will of course be tweaked to match specific criteria for each university but it will give you a sense of the projects and content that I aim to present to these universities. 

Do you think I have a good shot? I would like to welcome any constructive criticism and tips for increasing my odds as much as possible.

Many Thanks!

Nov 10, 21 12:18 pm
Non Sequitur

This is a couple of typical school project deliverables, not real portfolio.  What else do you have because everyone one and their grand-mother applies to those top schools.  You need something other than the bare-bones school assignment finial images.  No progress drawings? no coffee-stained napkin sketches?  No study models? Besides the missing creative thinking content, your technical drawings need a great deal of love.  Just because they looked good enough final pin up does not mean the go into your folio dressed the same way.

Besides the above criticism, I like those 2 half hidden-line half coloured project sections.

Nov 10, 21 12:51 pm  · 
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Thank you for the feedback. I fully agree, lots of the work right now shows the end of the journey rather than how I got there. I'm currently revamping the portfolio to reflect this, I suppose the challenge with this is setting up the narrative of each project without overstuffing the port and ruining the whole clean layout. I'll update this forum soon with an updated port with the above changes and more.

Nov 11, 21 6:06 am  · 

I like the presentation and the projects in the your portfolio and graphically it's very easy on the eye. I think you should look at what each school wants you to submit because some schools want to also see what your interests are outside of architecture. What motivates or influences your work, photography, sketches you've done, artistic pursuits, etc? 

Nov 10, 21 5:16 pm  · 
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