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How is the job market in architecture? In the major metros like ny, la, sf, sd, and chicago? Most of the other industries are having hard tiem finding workers, is it same in architecure? 

Oct 8, 21 12:23 pm

Market in Chicago seems alive, I've been on 3 interviews in past few weeks. No one answered yet, so either I asked for too much, or I suck; whatever the case is, there is good amount of real offers in architecture industry here. My company hired few more people too and my boss seems insanely busy, I myself have more projects on my shoulders as well.

Oct 8, 21 1:26 pm  · 

I've had several friends change jobs voluntarily as of late in Boston, NY, Seattle, Tampa & Miami. Not sure how hard the search was but they're employed.

Oct 8, 21 1:46 pm  · 

Depends on the amount of experience you have right now. Firms may not hire someone fresh out of school or with limited experience since we're all busy/some of us still working from home. If you're 5 years and up though - it's a seller's market. Go get paid.

Oct 8, 21 4:59 pm  · 
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The job market is very hot right now. Lots of jobs, with fewer than average job-seekers looking for work. It's a great time to look for a new job. See Archinect jobs for opportunities in the markets you listed:

New York

Los Angeles

San Francisco

San Diego


Oct 8, 21 5:03 pm  · 
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the market is hot for "hot Shoes" if you progressed quickly in 5 years, no problem. 

Oct 11, 21 12:12 pm  · 

Yes, there is a pronounced labor shortage in architecture at the moment.

A small caveat is that several of the big online search sites are offering free or super-cheap listings to employers right now, so there is a subset of of people posting jobs that aren't necessarily planning to hire anyone. 

But still, this is the best USA architectural job market I have seen in decades.

Oct 12, 21 9:23 am  · 

I wouldn't wait too long, however.  Try to get that new job in next couple months or so.  The inflation/energy price/supply chain/pandemic shitshow that just keeps lingering around may really depress the economy and architecture job market after the current overflow of projects gets worked off.

Oct 12, 21 11:45 am  · 

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