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I have a odd but important question. I have a associates in applied science in Environmental Horticulture, bachelors of science in Information Technology, and now applying for a MArch program (I know rather eclectic). I was originally enrolled in a masters program of software engineering but quickly realized that it was not for me. I suppose I was going in it for the aspect of money opposed to pure enjoyment. I love plants, I love designing, overall using  my creative skills. I have a strong background in working in plant nurseries and have a vast knowledge of plants, soils, landscapes, etc. I have done some landscape design in the past and absolutely loved it. I worked with a CAD program in the past and did exceedingly well. Hence, why I’m going for my MArch. My question is it feasible to become a landscape architect as well with my background? Ideally I would love to be both but I am not entirely sure how well that would pan out for me. Any thoughts?

Sep 20, 21 11:01 am

Perhaps find a school where you can do the MArch concurrently with an MLA?  An accredited degree in Landscape Architecture would put you on the most efficient path to getting an landscape arch license anywhere in the US.  Otherwise,  just having an MArch will limit you to the US states where you can qualify for the LA exam with an architecture degree and several years of documented work experience.

Sep 20, 21 12:20 pm  · 

I did a bachelors in Landscape Architecture and then completed a masters in Architecture.  Great combination and skill set provides a very broad design education and opportunity to work on a huge diversity of projects at a variety of scales.  No boring days!

Sep 20, 21 5:31 pm  · 

Do it.  Added, if you can twist that IT/Eng experience into computation, that might garner added interest from some schools and some offices. 

Sep 20, 21 8:28 pm  · 

Short answer is yes, but it begs the question why MArch and not MLA?  You can do a dual masters but it is a big financial investment (not often justified with salaries).  I have a few classmates who did an MArch but took enough studios in the MLA program and traditioned into landscape architecture - given the relatively robust architecture programs, it is not unusual to see architecture alums in LA offices.  

Both always sounds great in principle but keep in mind that there is a lot of expertise in each and you may be better served to focus on one. (I have both but tend to focus on landscape)

Sep 21, 21 1:33 pm  · 

I have a BArch and a Masters in Landscape. But in order to work in both fields I had to start my own office (and maintain both licenses). Even offices doing both architecture and landscape always just stuck me on one or the other. It got old after a while and since I get to do both at once I'm much happier. Seeing your background I would do a dual degree. If you have to pick just one it will be harder...though as an architect you'll easier find work doing landscape than the other way around.

Sep 21, 21 1:49 pm  · 
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Masters in Arch with Minors in Nat. Res. Mgmt. and Land. Arch. here.

I worked in trail construction, landscaping, and natural resources with several government agencies prior to my first arch. position. I think the landscape work has made me a better architect but I rarely used the skills on the job. As justavisual said, you will likely be siloed into one or the other at a firm. I would pursue civil engineering or additional LA school if I were in your position but feel free to follow your own path if your bank account can make it happen.

Sep 23, 21 11:30 am  · 

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