The gray fill in the plans

Zana Veli

Hi everyone, I am an architecture student and I got a task from an architect to visualise the following plan. My question is what is the grey fill if the red fills are the walls. And there are some white squares inside some of the grey fills. What would they be?

I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me!

Thank you in advance!

Sep 12, 21 11:02 am
Wood Guy

Floor plans are typically a horizontal slice 4' (~1.2 m) above the floor level. The gray is called poche (poe-shay') and just means that the slice cuts through something solid or semi-solid (framing, insulation, finishes). The red is not a standard color but in this case likely represents new walls and portions of walls vs. the gray is existing. Or the red could mean walls of a different construction type--fire-rated, insulated, different finishes, etc.. The white rectangles are where the slice goes through nothing--i.e., windows and doors. You can see the narrow red lines that show doors and window sashes in their open positions. In the real world, drawings like this usually come with a key that explains what the symbols and colors mean. But not always.  

Sep 12, 21 11:38 am  · 
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the best person to ask would be the architect you are working for. to do an accurate visualization you will need an elevation or some information about the heights of openings and the ceiling too which might make things easier to understand. the difference of red and gray walls isn't a standard part of drawings so you need the architect to explain what it means.

Sep 12, 21 7:05 pm  · 
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i'll add that from my view this is a strange plan layout. it makes me suspect there is a sloped roof or something limiting the use of some areas. In particular, the crowded dining area at the entrance, the toilet opening to the food prep area, and the large unused space beyond the kitchen are hard to understand.

Sep 12, 21 11:22 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

It’s a loft floor in an old mansard or similar roof. Don’t know why someone thinks a 6-person table + bar seating is required in what is likely a AirBB conversion.

Sep 13, 21 6:22 am  · 

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