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Looking for recommendations regarding tablets to utilize on site visits.  Would also be interested in hearing about any helpful apps to aid in site visits, field verifications, a few meetings, etc.  I'm thinking the most frequent tasks we would need to accomplish with the tablets would be to measure, mark up dwgs, write notes, photograph.  No dedicated IT department in our small firm, so something easy for everyone to use is important.  

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You forgot the $1,000 it costs to buy and setup an iPad.  Don't forget to factor in that you'll have a maximum of five years of life for the iPad before you need to get a new one.  

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That’s a cool app!!

Sep 20, 21 8:48 pm  · 
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$1,000 every 5 years for a useful tool is money well spent (unless there's a less expensive one that'll do just as good a job and/or last longer), but ideally should be paid by the firm. If paying out of your own pocket, it is still probably not a bad investment, but I'd put the time into discovering if the same can be done with, say, a less expensive Android tablet.

Sep 20, 21 11:30 pm  · 

I use a surface, since it runs windows software natively, none of this app ecosystem bullshit.

Sep 9, 21 5:58 pm  · 
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Thank you for the helpful information.

Sep 10, 21 3:34 pm  · 

Recently upgraded my personal machine to a Lenovo Yoga 6, which is a laptop slash tablet, and I'm very happy with the combo. Runs windows, has a dedicated keyboard, also has a touch screen. I haven't done much sketching with it yet but I intend to get that set up soon.

I think it could be a very handy site visit tool, as you can switch between tablet mode (for walk throughs and markup) and laptop mode (for meetings, webcam, notes, etc.). 

Sep 10, 21 3:48 pm  · 
iPad Pro+Apple Pencil, 11” size is perfect for site visit, 64 GB storage is enough (more storage capacity is better) . Managers in the firm that I work in use it to mark up PDF, take photos and take meeting minutes during the site visit. Apple Pencil makes mark up and taking notes quite easy.
Sep 19, 21 2:16 am  · 

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