Collaborative Design in architecture and games


Hello Guys,

I am currently doing my master's about collaborative design in architecture using game elements and tools, and I created a multi-player game that you can build together. To see how designers can work in-game environments. So I would like to know your opinions and recommendations about that topic or what should I look for? 

Jul 19, 21 11:50 am

A really good project manager.  Seriously.  This type of collaborative design / build could become a nightmare.  Just look at what happens with BIM and using the cloud.  A really good PM is needed to manage the models and make sure people aren't blowing up others work. 

I can only imagine how chaotic it could be to have a bunch of designers just going nuts in a virtual space.  Think a combination of Fortnight and an open Minecraft server filled only with trolls.  

Jul 19, 21 11:56 am  · 
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It’s certainly a great idea. It would be nice if you could base the game off of Calvino Noir by Dan Walters. Its architectural realism is a wonderful concept to start your project.

Jul 29, 21 3:09 am  · 

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