ASU vs PRATT for MArch 3 year program


I've been admitted to both the schools and both of them are really good schools on their own. I'm currently really confused as to which school to pick. I believe that pratt is better than ASU in all aspects except for money. Right now there are not many internships available in ASU, as I've heard, and that is very concerning. 

I want to know which school is better for me. I did my civil Engineering in India. I'm shifting my career and I don't really know if I would like a design-based curriculum or a theoretical curriculum. I also want a good job opportunity; even though architecture doesn't pay well, I want to do justice to the tuition ill be paying in either of the schools. 

I really need help in deciding which school to attend so that I can apply for my visa soon (I really want to attend school in person and there isn't a lot of visa slots available in India right now). I would appreciate any kind of information.

May 25, 21 10:08 am

Hi! I have studied in ASU a few years ago.

If I were you, I would go for Pratt. Its name generally has a better reception in the States than ASU, and names get you far in that country. Also, NY is a better environment for making connections. In my opinion you would have better internships and employment options if you study in Pratt.

Arizona is its own bubble, but there are definitely interesting - and not so interesting - employment opportunities within the state. I have faced situations when I was told at the interviews that despite a good portfolio and resume they are hesitant to give me job because they prefer to avoid ASU graduates.

Jul 12, 21 8:34 am  · 

What’s so bad about ASU? They have top notch staff? My kid wants to go to ASU because of certain staff

Jul 24, 21 5:54 pm  · 

Mainly the reputation, and sometimes the student body.

The reputation is really bad, and honestly the school does not deserve it. In state, of course, it is considered good, but if you plan to work in a different state, you might struggle. Once at a student conference in Stanford I asked a question, and the speaker said that me atanding ASU is terrible - in front of a full auditorium! You get the picture. In my experience, it is not really a party school - the parties are moderate compared to what I am used to. I taught freshmen, and they were very hardworking.

On the other hand, there are a lot of 1st generation uni students, low-grade attendees or students that have to work a lot and academia is simply not their prime focus. It is partially good, and partially bad if you personally take studies seriously - there are a lot of group projects, when your partners night be not committed at all. I struggled a lot because my groupmates sometimes were not as invested in what I consider my calling - but of course, it is very subjective and also depends on luck. I've seen classes that had lots of motivated students and others that have none.

So, truly the issue is it's reputation. Architecture is rather elitist and having the better names on a resume makes life just a bit easier - but not significantly, of you consider the whole picture.

Jul 24, 21 7:03 pm  · 

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