Working in the US - American but I've grown up mostly in the UK



I'm a US citizen that's grown up mostly in the UK. After graduating from university in the UK and gaining some experience in London, I'm now looking at moving back to the states and working/ finish qualifying as an architect there. My bachelor's degree is in architecture from the University of Cambridge and I've got a couple of years experience in a large architecture firm, but going forwards I want to work at a more boutique scale on residential/hospitality work. 

I'm a little confused with where to start when it comes to working in the US. With my experience, what position/level should I be applying to? Could anyone give me some advice on the culture of the American architecture industry + the design process, route to qualification, and what it's like day to day working in a firm?

Thanks everyone! 

Apr 9, 21 5:11 am

honestly, your best bet is to get an M.Arch as a way to make the US transition, and it makes sense since you've yet to get a professional degree

Apr 10, 21 8:34 pm  · 

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