Working as an Architect in Netherlands.

Nina Panousi


I am looking for information about employment in Netherlands.

I am 29 years old and I have an EU Architectural Engineering degree (from a Greek Polytechnic University), equal to a MArch. I have 4 years of experience in the field. I work as a full time architect for an office (which means that I have an Engineer’s ID recognized by the state of Greece and the Technical Chamber of Greece), specialized in reconstruction and renovation of old buildings and apartments, interior design and designing  new projects from scratch (which presupposes a sufficient knowledge, at least, of the Greek building laws, who are really strict, despite the mess that dominates the cities and the structured environment here). I have experience in Autocad, Rhino, Vray, Adobe Suite etc.

However I only speak Greek and English, but no Dutch.

So, I will be pleased if somebody provides me some information about working as an architect in Netherlands. If I want to work as an architect or designer for an office there, do I have to be registered somewhere like the Architects’ Register? What are the qualifications for registering as an architect in the Netherlands? Is it possible to work there, for a “small” office and not for a big construction company ? Do you think that the profession is saturated? Are there any resources to help with finding vacancies etc?

I will be grateful for any information!

Thank you in advance!

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