Building Energy Modeling for Code Compliance

Hey all!

Have any of you learned how to build whole building energy models to use in order to demonstrate compliance of your project with IECC or ASHRAE 90.1 via the performance based compliance method?

I have experience with early stage conceptual energy modeling programs but none generate the compliance report required per these two codes/standards.

If you all have any insight or guidance on online tutorials or programs that teach this it would be great if you could share!

As of now - I am looking at open studio and energy plus and have found one program that goes through a sample project...

Still curious if you all have found anything you would recommend....

I usually have my MEP team handle the energy model but I am trying to develop more knowledge on this and dig deep on this aspect of my jobs.
Mar 4, 21 7:40 pm

You should ask your mechanical engineer since this is something they typically do. 

At least where I am at, the code actually points to a list of versions of specific software that need to be used. 

Had a plancheck comment come back a couple years ago for a project, because the mechanical engineer used an older version of one of the softwares to do the calculations. Wasn't a problem, just interesting. 

Mar 4, 21 9:44 pm  · 

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