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Hi, I would like to get your opinions on signing up for the semester programme at the AA school, once teaching goes back to a more physical format, or even considering to repeat the third year before jumping into my Part 2. I already have obtained a BA degree from a London University, however the level of education provided did not cover a lot of design based skills and I lack confidence when it comes to that and would rather take another year on improving my design skills than jumping unprepared on a master course. I have also considered the options of pursuing a MA degree at an European University. My fear lies in me having loads of gaps in my architectural knowledge. I would appreciate any kinds of advice. Thank you.

Feb 25, 21 5:02 pm

I did the Visiting Students Programme back in 2008. It was a really good experience back then and I would say has influenced who I became as an architect, even if it was a short time. There were several students in the program at the time, most of which have since gone off to be pretty successful. Several later getting a Masters at Sci-Arc, Yale, and the DRL. We obviously didn't get the full long-term experience of the AA students, but it was a great opportunity overall. 

Feb 25, 21 5:55 pm  · 

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