Data Analytics in Construction Projects?


Hey All,

I am curious about how data analytics can be used in more construction projects. Especially in cases were companies do not have their own data analytic teams.

I understand that data analytics and digitization in construction are becoming more 'popular' trends but I am curious about what everyone's experience with analytic services has been like?

Do you think data analytics on a project basis to get insights into wasted costs, material and time would be useful?

Feb 25, 21 2:26 pm
Non Sequitur

Great, just what we need in CA... more spreadsheets.

Feb 25, 21 2:44 pm  · 
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Cost, materials, and time are basically all the things that are already tracked, in one way or another. I don't know that it's really possible to properly address this in a Design/Bid/Build approach though. Any information that is contractually obligated will at best be provided though a filter, going either way. And there are enough moving parts that it's often not as clean cut as a data point might suggest. 

Things should be improved, but ultimately, what is most likely to happen is what NS is saying... just more spreadsheets... great. 

Feb 25, 21 4:44 pm  · 
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t a z

SHoP Construction was offering (up to) 6D services.  Can't remember what that quite meant exactly.  Seems like they aren't a separate business any longer, which may be a sign.

Feb 25, 21 7:21 pm  · 
atelier nobody

I think we might someday be able to do actual value engineering (as opposed to the blind cost-cutting that is often called "VE" now) if we had better data analytics.

Feb 25, 21 8:09 pm  · 
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Amen to that. The way it works now is smoke and mirrors, but not like the magical kind....more like arson at a carnival fun hou se.

Feb 26, 21 3:08 am  · 
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The data is all there, only need to assign a financial component to your BIM parts, no? (although doesn't say anything about the revenue side of things...)

Feb 26, 21 5:13 am  · 
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