Interested in Architecture, where to start?


I'm getting close to college graduation and I have had the realization that I chose the wrong major, and that I have real interest in pursuing a career in architecture. I don't want to set this intention lightly, so I was wondering what would be the best way to get exposure to the field without commiting to a costly masters program. Would you recommend taking a community college class, looking for an internship position at a firm etc... 

Jan 23, 21 5:22 pm
Non Sequitur

why architecture and how much do you know about it’s education and real world work requirements?

Jan 23, 21 6:27 pm  · 
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you weren't a born architect?

Jan 24, 21 2:05 pm  · 
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Like N.S. alluded to: architecture is unlikely to be similar to how you imagine. If you do wish to gain exposure, try contacting local firms about job shadowing or interning, and architects/intern architects if they're willing to talk with you about their daily work. Cheers

Jan 24, 21 2:17 pm  · 

Agree with the above that you should really just try to talk to anyone you can in the field or in a masters program right now to understand what they actually do. You could also consider applying to a summer introductory program like GSAPP's intro to arch or GSD's design discovery. Not sure where you are in the world but they may be virtual again this coming summer if that helps

Jan 25, 21 12:02 pm  · 
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Great advice. Attend those programs offered by Ivy making odd drawings and models thinking you are going to be the next Ghery/Zaha when you graduate. Uh huh.


Above all, go to an actual office and speak to various professionals in different fields of architecture. School is one thing, the working world is a totally different animal. Too many times I've seen starry-eyed folks venture into the business after seeing suave designera. Not many people have the skills or fortitude to be one of those boss designers - think of it as the NFL where you have a better shot at being a practice squad player than the MVP.

Jan 26, 21 9:32 am  · 
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