Old School Autocad User Needs to Level Up - Best Resources?


I currently have 12+ years of post-graduate experience, however have the slight misfortunate of having only ever worked in firms that use Autocad (no BIM). Feeling like more and more of a dinosaur and need to establish some BIM skills to stay relevant. I've always felt like Revit is something you really need to use in a firm environment in order for it to be really meaningful, however I'm now at a point where I feel like many firms wouldn't even hire me with zero BIM knowledge, so I need to do what I can on my own time before I make the next jump. 

Can people recommend the best way to learn coming from many years of Autocad use? Best courses ? I'm going to have to learn on my (limited) free time, so while I'm sure 'just open it up and play around with it' would be adequate with enough time, I'm looking for the most efficient use of my time in becoming proficient, so probably looking for a course (ideally one that doesn't break the bank...).

Does anyone have any recommendations? Or just feel like commiserating? I feel way too young and tech savvy to be a dinosaur, but here I am.

Jan 18, 21 12:49 pm

Get a Lydia account. Best thing to do when you learn revit is forget everything you learned in Autocad.  I was a cad guru, but switch to Revit about 7 years ago, and never looked back. 

Lydia has lots of revit tutorials you can access

Jan 18, 21 12:57 pm  · 
Wood Guy

Same here, on Autocad LT, with Sketchup for SD exteriors and sometimes for DD interiors. Residential only. I work alone but have been subbing to architects who use Vectorworks or Revit, and I can see the advantages. The cost is slightly daunting, but the learning curve is far more daunting--I can't afford to slow production for months while I ramp up. 

Jan 18, 21 1:09 pm  · 

unfortunately, most firms hire based on the programs that they use, and they don't provide much in the way of training. more success can be found in hiring the right fit along with training for the programs that they use if the hire does not have that experience. that said, you can sign up for an autodesk student account and download a noncommercial version of revit. try using a project that you did in cad and recreate in revit.

Jan 18, 21 1:49 pm  · 

Check with local community colleges. Many offer courses in Revit in the evenings or weekends. I took some myself.

Jan 18, 21 5:04 pm  · 

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