Learning through Architectural and consructive albums of a famous projects.

Alex Blacksfield

Is it possible to find a full architecture and constructive albums of famous contemporary buildings (Since early 30s modern architecture, but better "new modern architecture", f.ex. SANAA, Ando, Chipperfield, OMA and etc.) 

Just a few weeks ago I graduated from university, and unfortunately still cannot get a place in a good architecture studio where I could continue (or rather say start over) studying architecture. In my point of view in my situation the most reasonable way to learn architecture right now is to go through high-quality architecture experience (as I said some arch. and constr. albums with details and all this stuff). Analyze and recreate these icon buildings. Explore all the features architects put in their ideas and material interpretations of them.

I believe, that if I will lose connection to good architecture right now as well as for some period of time while working in low tier architecture studio, I will definitely lose all the chances to do this high-quality architecture in the future. 

I know it seems quite ambitious and ethically incorrect, cause of all these ownership issues, but at the same time, I believe that this attitude in the architecture social world cause slow-developing, I believe sharing is an instrument of progress (probably I don't understand smth and that's why I am so unsuccessful in this field). 

So, maybe someone has resources where I can find this kind of material. 

Thank you in advance for your response!

Jan 18, 21 1:23 pm

Never heard of "albums" when it comes to architects or architectural firms. Start looking at various architectural magazines; Detail, Architectural Review, Architectural Record......go to a magazine store.

This is something you don't do just for 4 hours, you do this forever 'til you die. Learning is a forever concept.

Jan 19, 21 2:45 pm  · 

ditto on the "albums"

I would LOVE to look though actual construction drawings sets for some of the more wild contemporary buildings. 

Alex Blacksfield

Sorry for the incorrect explanation, I meant full documentation and drawing sets, I believe it was obvious. Of course, we are learning for the whole career, but at the same time we could do it better and faster using such opportunities, why should we repeat and why reinvent the wheel, when we could learn through real and deep experience.

Alex Blacksfield


Jan 20, 21 2:41 am  · 

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