best 3d Max version for rendering ONLY?


I am an architect, not a render artist, and the two functions I want to achieve in 3d max are interior renderings (they're still much better than in Lumion, while exterior quality difference isn't so dramatic) and basic file conversion. I want to downgrade from 3d max 2018 to still be able to use Corona, but will it really ease out the life of my laptop (not as mighty as I'd like to have)? 3d max crashes on very simple tasks, is it my hardware or max version? I remember 3d max 2017 was buggy, what about 2018? To those into 3d max workflow: how many backsaving issues I will face in case of downgrading? Does recent Corona works fine on lower version or there will be something missing? Any suggestions appreciated

Jan 17, 21 8:36 am
Non Sequitur

get a better computer or simplify your models. Probably do both. 

Jan 17, 21 11:09 am  · 

Good solution, but it won't happen very soon. I am just looking for the best optimization plan till I save up for a decent workstation.


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