Urgent: Princeton's Mailing Portfolio policy


I doubt my portfolio will get to Princeton by Jan 12th. I live in a remote part of India and covid has completely disrupted the postal service here. Is this something that I can email the admissions committee about? 

Jan 4, 21 3:22 pm

you should

Jan 4, 21 5:09 pm  · 
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I read their requirement for Physical Copies is that they will accept portfolio arrives in the time range of Jan 4-10. Correct me if I am wrong.


Jan 12th*


Princeton still wants physical copies? That blows. I'm sure they'll have plenty of late portfolios arrive

Jan 4, 21 6:05 pm  · 
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They probably won't count it against you if the post-mark date shows you mailed it reasonably in advance. But yeah do email them and let them know it might arrive late, just so they know to expect it.

Jan 4, 21 6:18 pm  · 

know anyone in the states that can print your portfolio and mail it for you?

Jan 4, 21 6:19 pm  · 
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FedEx/Kinkos? Put an ad on Craigslist in Princeton for someone to go pick up the portfolio from the print shop and hand deliver it or mail it?

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Have you tried having your portfolio printed via online print-on-demand services like Blurb? (They have plugins for InDesign too) You simply upload your portfolio (in PDF) then they'll print and mail it to you. In this case, you can have them mail it directly to Princeton SOA. You'll have to pay extra for express/faster delivery, but at this point I don't guarantee they can print/deliver it by January 12 (still send a physical copy though!).

Jan 6, 21 10:11 am  · 
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lol actually a very good idea


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