Workplace Wellness Tips and Tricks

Today my goal is: while waiting endlessly for the BIM360 model to sync, I do sun salutations.

God I love stock images ;-)

Nov 22, 20 11:40 am
Workplace ? What’s that?
Nov 22, 20 2:11 pm  · 

BIM360 is a pain , I couldnt really estimate the loss of my productivity each day . We are now on remote desktop /VPN .... and it's a breeze..

Nov 22, 20 5:04 pm  · 
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The first thing for workplace wellness is to keep a reasonable work life balance. 40-45 hours is OK 60-70 is not. If you are doing 12-15 hour days you should evaluate that before anything else to make work healthier.

Apart from the wok life balance I have a standing desk and try to have a break every 2 hours for 5 min where I walk around the room or down to the mailbox. I also listen to nonpolitical podcast such as Heavyweight from Gimlet Media.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Nov 23, 20 7:50 am  · 
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I agree.

Nov 23, 20 2:06 pm  · 

To keep my sanity, I used to go out for long walks. Amazing how a big problem all of a sudden looked insignificant after a walk.

In the days when we did manual drafting i would always be standing behind the table, never sitting down. Machines changed that, unfortunately.

Listening to BBC and KHYI from Plano, TX (true, original country music station) also helped me to relax.

Nov 23, 20 10:07 am  · 
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As Peter said above:  work life balance. 

I also find it good to work no more that 2 hours straight without getting up from your desk and stretching a bit. 

Eat healthy food.

Exercise every day.  

Don't define yourself by your work. 

Don't tie your self esteem only to your work. 

Nov 23, 20 2:08 pm  · 

I see from this thread that not only do I associate self-isolation with passive sitting at home and doing nothing. It is for this reason that I started doing yoga in the morning and before going to bed, it perfectly frees the mind from negative thoughts and I feel more free, besides, my sleep becomes more calm. One day I found this article It was here that I found a lot of interesting things for yoga classes, it was this article that helped me find my new hobby with which I fill every day from now on

Dec 26, 20 4:34 am  · 

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