Reconstruction probem: column grid placement


How to place columns inside existing walls of historical building for 'building inside building' type of reconstruction? I cannot space them evenly because of modular length restrictions (spans of 4500, 6000, 7200 are allowed for 400x400 column section). I woud prefer 6000 span as the most acceptable but this got me about 2 meters left. I also shouldn't mess with cast-in-place filling of the leftover small span, because these columns will shape an exterior and the building should be divided in 3 connected volumes (one part 31 m - this is where roof exists, and the rest of space split in a half. Is it a working idea to put two frameworks on the same foundation? There will be a walkthrough portal in between (see pic), so in terms of design it would be ok, but how about structural eligibility?

Nov 21, 20 5:11 pm

An as-built plan and section would help us help you.

Nov 21, 20 6:15 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

skyhooks 6m O.C. 

Nov 22, 20 12:50 am  · 

precast concrete seems like a challenging choice for this. why wouldn't you use steel or wood? are you working with a structural engineer experienced in this kind of project?

Nov 22, 20 1:24 am  · 

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