Structural grid for shallow recessed walls


I know there is probably a really simples solution and I am just massively overthinking this. I am trying to complete a structural grid for this multi-use building and the recess wall is causing me some slight trouble for the columns along the facades. The recess at the front is 120cm and the recess at the back is 60cm I wanted to avoid putting columns at all corners of the facade as I fear the columns are too close to be a feasible  solution. I've attached my plans (the windows are not complete as i want to solve this before making final decisions on the windows) any help with this is greatly appreciated. 

Nov 19, 20 6:39 pm
Non Sequitur

Use load bearing walls. Also important, don’t design to minimum dimensions. Those unit plans look tiiiiiiight. 

Nov 19, 20 6:45 pm  · 
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Looks like a standard sized UK residential block!


People still use Autocad?! 

Nov 23, 20 6:53 pm  · 
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