Can I do Part 1 year out abroad then return to UK for Part 2?


Hi all. I am currently in final year of my RIBA Part 1 accredited BSc(Hons) Architecture degree so need to consider some options.

I've seen most Part 2 UK degrees ask for a year of experience in practice first - would I be allowed to do this year out anywhere in the world and then return, or would I need to stick to the UK seeing as I'm thinking of doing my Part 2 here?

Another option I'm considering is studying a Part 2 equivalent degree abroad. Would that make it difficult to then return to the UK to work? Is it a case of, as long as I do my Part 3 in the UK I'm safe - or would I need to sit some ARB exam here in the UK to "convert" my abroad Part 2 to be RIBA accredited before even thinking of doing the Part 3 here?

I know there's information around but I can't seem to find anything to answer these specifically.

Thank you for any help!

Sep 24, 20 4:45 pm

Have a look at EU Directive 2005/36/EC if you intend to study in the EU. It’ll tell you all you need to know for European architecture education. 

Oct 3, 20 8:35 am  · 

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