anchor How To Design Architecture by Frank Gehry

Quoted from the lesson:

"Did you know? Buildings are becoming less inviting and more faceless, but putting trees all over them helps retain their humanity."

Honestly I can't imagine FOG said that, but it *is* a Master Class?


Aug 21, 20 2:42 pm

i find it easier to look at other people's designs until i hate them. is that a skill i can build on?

Aug 21, 20 8:38 pm  · 
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And with much of Frank's work, this can be done in nano-seconds. (Not the early stuff, which I mostly like or love.)

Aug 22, 20 8:25 pm  · 
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the more interesting challenge is to find a work you like at first, but pick it apart until it seems ordinary and mediocre. it takes the aura off and makes abstract layers of context more apparent.

Aug 23, 20 2:26 am  · 
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I want a few things where I like what I like, without then finding problems to focus on, away from what's good.  I do enough of that already these days.

Aug 23, 20 3:57 pm  · 

Part 8 - "

Did you know?

Mies van der Rohe, one of the best architects of the last century, did the same building over and over again, and when you look at his Lake Shore Towers or his black steel buildings, you’ll recognize their power."

Then SOM did it, then everyone did it!

Aug 23, 20 7:28 pm  · 

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