I'm currently working on my MARCH I grad applications and have been looking into school abroad. The AA and IAAC are both schools that seem like a good fit for me and what I want out of my MArch, but I'm unsure if I'll be eligible to apply. I graduated without a BArch, and while looking on their sites I didn't see much information about whether or not they accept non BArch(or the UK/European equivalent) majors. If anyone has any experience applying to these schools and knows please let me know!

Aug 7, 20 2:54 pm

The AA and UK Unis require a prior degree in architecture BS/BA for professional validated courses leading to AA Diploma RIBA Part II.   The AA requires you need a RIBA Part I prior to accepting you onto the programme or will place you into year 3 of the Part 1 (so you take 2 years not 2). 

UK architecture programs does not accept anyone into Part II professional programs without a prior degree in architecture.   

You can get entry into post professional programs.  For the AA if you do not have a prior architecture degree you will enter into the 12 month MA/MSc programs. You need a 5-year professional architecture degree you can enter one of the 18-month MArch programs such as DRL 

From AA Website for Postgraduate taught programs (non-RIBA II): 

MA/MFA courses require a 2:2 degree or above in architecture or a related discipline from a UK university, or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard (from a course at a university or educational institution no less than three years in length).

MSc courses require a professional degree or diploma in architecture (BArch or Diploma equivalent), engineering or another relevant discipline.

MArch courses require a five-year professional degree or diploma in architecture. The MArch in Emergent Technologies (EmTech) requires a five-year professional architectural degree or diploma in architecture, engineering, industrial or product design, or another relevant discipline (BArch or Diploma equivalent).

Aug 8, 20 3:06 am  · 

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