M.Arch I or M.Arch 2 for a foreign architect??


Hi I am going to start my last year of my undergraduate studies next year. I am studying architecture in Peru. The Peruvian government is encouraging students to study postgraduate studies abroad but I am a little confused about the difference between M.Arch 1 and M.Arch 2 and which one I should choose. So let me explain my situation

After I finish my undergraduate and get my bachelor's degree, I will need to work 1 year before I start my master's program and get the scholarship that the Peruvian government is offering.( This is a requirement from the government, independently of what I am studying or where I am going) In that year I will also get licensed here in Peru. I understand that MA 1 is for people that hasn't studied architecture and wants to become licensed in the US and MA 2 is for people that has and doesn't want to become licensed. But what if I do study architecture and I do want to become licensed in the US. And also I have the same doubt if I were to go to Canada.

Thank you for your help.

Aug 1, 20 2:58 pm

MArch 1 and 2 both are accredit programs that can get you licensed. You don't get to pick which one you apply. So based on your situation you are forced to apply to MArch 2. It is still a valid accredited program and you can get licensed after that 

Aug 1, 20 10:09 pm  · 
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I feel compelled to say this every time someone makes a post about master's programs which is only evidence that people don't understand it. 

MArch1 and MArch2, do not have set descriptions per any governing authority. The nature of each of these programs varies by schools. Jmmu really wants a 2 year professional degree...  At some schools this is an MArch2 program, at some they would be looking for advanced placement in an MArch 1 program, at others it's just an MArch program that you take one track or another on depending on your situation (University of Michigan as an example there), and technically it can be the other way around. 

The key is that it's an accredited degree, that gives them the most credit for their existing education. For that, they will have to check with schools, because what each school accepts as a prerequisite for their program also varies wildly. 

Aug 2, 20 2:01 pm  · 
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Thank you so much! Yes I've kept searching for information and it seems that it depends on what each school accepts.

Aug 2, 20 3:29 pm  · 

True, I was only thinking about the ivy masters. My response goes ok for most of the schools with two programs, but you gotta see their websites for specific things. Generally speaking, MArch 1 is only for undergrads with non professional degrees, (usually 4 year degrees)

Aug 3, 20 10:04 pm  · 
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Is your undergrad a 4 year or 5 year program? What programs are you looking into?

Aug 7, 20 9:15 am  · 

It's a 5 year program here in Peru. I've been researching about some programs in the US, Canada and the EU but each school has a different approach. Most of them offer advance placement (US and Canada) but some of them offer a master only for students with an architecture undergraduate degree like sci-arc for example.

Aug 7, 20 4:52 pm  · 

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