Measuring Commercial Warehouse Space Price


I have a returning client with a 20,000 sq ft single story warehouse to measure. Occupied by 2 tenants with whole bunch of little rooms inside and probably occupied and filled with stuff + they want me  to show parking with spaces. I have measurements of it on the site plan. Plan to be simple for marketing purposes. How much would you charge per SF?  I am in New York. TY

Jul 13, 20 9:10 pm
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Estimate how long it'll take you to do the work (plus reasonable buffer) and multiply by your desired billable rate.  Careful if this work is expected to become a legally binding document in your client's tenant agreements because you could be held liable if it's discovered that you've measured a space too big/too small and either the tenant paid too much or the landlord collected too little.

Jul 14, 20 8:10 am  · 
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yes, and ask for the BOMA calc edition their agreement will be tied to

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