Master in Real Estate Development / BAC and ASU

Hello everyone, I am looking for a comment or review on two programs. MSRED from Boston Architectural College and MRED from Arizona State University. Has anyone approached them or taken these programs that can provide me with a review?

Jun 27, 20 12:25 pm

Why these schools? I think ASU is the better program since its situated on a large research institution rather than an architectural school that has no actual business or planning department.

Jul 23, 20 12:13 pm  · 

Hi willy,

I am currently enrolled in MSRED program from BAC, the program is designed by concentrating through combining traditional real estate development learning with architectural design. The program also provides entry into a myriad of careers in affiliated professions of real property asset management, investment, market study/appraisals and many other opportunities in private and governmental sectors.

I really encourage you to apply and i can connect you with the Director of the Program, so you can build a clear view about the program.

Good luck.

Sep 17, 20 10:20 am  · 
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