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I am seeking for an advice. I am an Architectural Technology College graduate (in Toronto, Canada) with a GPA of 3.3. As there are not many architecture universities who do not accept external transferring students in Toronto due to their belief the curriculum course load is not compatible with what I learn’t at my college. Sadly, I have tried to apply to Ryerson University (a university in Toronto) where I had spent 2 years trying to prepare myself as best to my abilities. This was one of the reasons in hopes of staying close to home for my parents to support me instead of having my parents burden a huge load of finance investing my education initially at LTU. (Lawrence Technology University) As of this year, I was struggling and wasn’t able to make it to the cut with Ryerson as I tried my very best and due to the nature of it’s program being competitive. Ryerson's Architectural Science is complicated and has ridiculous requirements (going back to receive my high school university level course maintaining a average of 70’s – 80’s, create a traditional art (not technical) portfolio, and a drawing test. One of the reasons why I didn’t make it because of my lack of drawing creativity by hand, I’m so used being adapted to draw on the computer which would make sense especially in today’s architecture industry. I choose Ryerson because they have similar context and workload like my college unlike other architecture universities surrounded or near Ontario are most theoretical and some don’t strongly emphasize enough or balance on Revit or technical drawing courses (Grasshopper, Rhino and CAD) but more creativity on itself. I graduated from having the learning experience practical than most other universities that stand today. Unfortunately, Ryerson does not think this way and want postsecondary graduates to start from scratch making it realistically unfair for those who have knowledge and experience in the architecture industry. This year, I have applied to BCIT's Architecture Science Degree (British Columbia Institute of Technology. Finding right now as I am unfortunately on waitlisted, I am trying to hang on and finding other alternatives to but I am struggling trying to find a decent private or public architecture university in the US or Canada (preferably close to the city) that I am eligible to transfer my Architectural Technology college credits. I do plan to apply this year or next year since I want to finish school soon so my parents don't need to financial support me forever. I am stuck in this situation where I need advice for schooling asap as I don't know what type of resources and opportunities are available for me at this moment in terms of finding a school specifically focus on architecture in practical practices or find a Architecture related job. At this moment I’m losing hope where I don't even know if I can find one since I have an empty gap showing that I had not worked in the construction industry. On the bright side, I do have some working experience working as a BIM Modeler for 6 months at a Electrical Engineering Firm in 2017- 2018. All your insights and opinions are much welcome here as I am desperate to find a schooling that will cater my needs best as possible in this light of this situation.

Jun 13, 20 10:11 pm

Here's a piece of advice: learn how to use paragraphs.

Jun 14, 20 7:55 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

dlee, I gave you plenty of info in my response to your other post yesterday. 

Jun 15, 20 12:06 am  · 

Apart from advice apkouv and NS already gave, several universities let you transition in with one year of general studies following your arch diploma, after which you can take the bachelor normally --> Master's --> career. Dalhousie has this, UBC did too last I checked; just check their websites under transfer or admission requirements:

Not sure if your GPA will have any impact tbh, but should work on your drawing skills at least for portfolio work. Good luck eh

Jun 15, 20 4:42 pm  · 
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