which university has the better undergrad architecture program UBC or Carleton?



I am currently an international architecture student at Carleton University. (just finished 1st year) and I am not sure if I should continue studying architecture at Carleton or transfer to UBC architecture program which I just accepted(to 2nd yr) Does anyone know what UBC arch program look like? 



-has sustainability stream (but if I chose this stream i have to take 3 yrs master program instead of 2 yrs)

-has SIM lab

-already attending a year so getting use to it and friends


-not satisfying this program 100% (but this is maybe because I only just finished first year and haven't had more architectural classes)

-bad weather, quiet city (little boring)



-higher rank (I know rank is not everything but maybe they have more fun/ interesting classes and job option?)

-their program called "Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism" so I believe they cover sustainable aspect as well (maybe equivalent to Carleton sustainable stream)

-can take 2yrs master instead of 3

-I love nature so better place to live than Ottawa, and better weather 


-higher $$$

-new environment

Its being a really hard decision for me.  Any info will be really helpful!


May 13, 20 11:35 am
Non Sequitur

Carleton, once, had a very strong undergrad program.  This is not the case anymore since they split it into 3 diff streams and had years without a real director.  With that said, CIMS is a great resource plus the university is much smaller (and compact) than UBC.  

In the end, your undergrad matters little since you need an accredited masters to chase a license in canada.  What you need to value is the quality of work you can build-up throughout your studios so that you can apply for grad school.  Sustainability is a generic catch-all term in undergrad and unless the school has a robust building science department (neither carleton or ubc does), you won't get much there.

Ranking of undergrad matters not because of the big gap between the top 2 (Waterloo & McGill) and the rest.

May 13, 20 11:50 am  · 

Not much to add to N.S.'s post, but when I went by wasn't too impressed with UBC's undergrad program, though the Masters seemed better. Also know someone from Toronto who came to Vancouver for school, and they hate the weather (it rains or is overcast most of the school year, and usually scorching in summer). Plenty of nature trails around though :)

May 13, 20 3:28 pm  · 
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