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Hello people.

I'm applying to some junior designer and interior design roles and just want some feedback on my portfolio. I'm also looking to apply to M.arch programs next year so it would be helpful for that too.

Also, any advice on getting a job with no experience in the design field? seems like all junior/entry level roles still always require multiple years of experience. Is it still worth it to apply to jobs that require this?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Apr 9, 20 7:48 pm

Hey bauhaz!

Thanks for the post. Naturally, your portfolio will be different when applying to a job vs. to a graduate degree program. My first comment regarding your portfolio is that there is way too much text. You want to visually tell your story, text should be a small complimentary feature throughout. You'll also want to clean up how you've laid out your imagery, it's too sporadic and doesn't seem to be any kind of grid structure to your page layouts. Nothing is aligning and the spacing isn't consistent.

Take page 15, for example, you don't want to show the title block for your elevation and wall section, and the text on your detail is too small. Ideally, that text would match the text in you project description. Also, why are the edges of some images rounded, and others aren't? It should be consistent throughout. You have nice projects, but you need to get some help with how to lay out your work in the portfolio.


Your resume also needs some work. Check out this article for some help with that. Depending on the job you apply for, your resume will be a bit different. Keep it separate from the portfolio. Also, try to find a nice template for your resume and use that to start. This version is a little confused, like the portfolio.

Searching for a job

You'll want to have a good strategy when searching for a job with little experience. Check out some of these articles for some pointers:

Apr 16, 20 6:03 pm  · 

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