GSAPP vs Cornell for M.Arch 1


I've been accepted to both Columbia and Cornell's M.Arch 1 programs. Columbia offered slightly more aid and advanced standing - meaning only 2 years as opposed to Cornell's 3.5. As the open houses were cancelled, I was just curious if I could get some more (personal) info about both programs. Obviously Columbia's offer seems the most logical choice, but Cornell really appeals to me.

Also - would I be stupid for not taking the advanced standing offer at GSAPP? I'd definitely save on a lot of future debt if I do it, but I feel like I'd miss out on a core part of the M.Arch experience/education.

Apr 3, 20 4:14 pm

take the advance standing loool what "core m.arch experience" are u talking about if you obviously have a background in architecture. and these schools are so expensive, no matter how rich u are, an extra 50,000 for no reason is dumb

columbia is also an amazing school! congrats

Apr 3, 20 9:08 pm  · 

That's an easy one, definitely Columbia

Apr 4, 20 1:03 am  · 

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